Forecast for May 28 – June 5, 2014

Taurus Venus has us moving into our next level of self-reliance and we could just discover new, previously hidden talents along the way. The grand water trine emphasizes the feeling nature. That will not change soon with Mercury’s long retrograde in Cancer-Gemini and the fact that June will offer three retrograde planets in the water signs. Venus and Jupiter’s aspects to Neptune will have all of our fantasies and illusions bubbling to the surface in the genuine hope that a stronger emotional foundation will emerge. Join us for all the retro details live on our June webinars. You will also receive the MP3 download, the video link and all slides for just $15.

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Forecast for May 22-29, 2014

Lots of mercurial energy for the holiday weekend. The Sun in Gemini Mantra is:
“I gather information with intuitive searching” We are actively filtering through choices waiting for the aha moment. That process will demand taking a break from the busyness of the holiday weekend to be still and Know. The water trine of Jupiter (Cancer), Saturn (Scorpio), and Chiron (Pisces) will aid here and may yield many social rewards or show us where social boundaries remain. Venus in Aries on the south node of the Moon finds us over-reactive or may facilitate a new level of independence. Mercury waxing sextile to that Aries Venus just adds excitement to this mix. When Venus ingresses Taurus late next week, everything will balance out and our core values will determine our progress prior to the long Mercury Retrograde in Cancer and Gemini. Join us for all the details live on our webinar June 2, 2014 6-8 pm MDT. You will receive the MP3 download, the video link and all slides for just $15.

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Forecast for May 15-22, 2014

The weekend begins with much mental acuity with Mercury aspects to Venus, Uranus and Chiron. Venus can be self-focused in Aries so we must be more aware and forgiving of that quality when we observe it in others. Practice listening.

At the beginning of next week, Venus’ square to Jupiter in Cancer will demand that we allow the insights to come through us on our next level of self love. This magic will be achieved when we quiet down and ask sincerely in the form of an open-ended question: “What need be revealed to me on my next step to loving myself?” The integration point will always be an emotional reaction like the chills or goose bumps.
Next week will also feature Mars stationary direct in Libra. From May 19 – July 21 we have universal support in reviewing, and more clearly understanding, considered actions in all our relationships.  Mars will activate all the cardinal points one last time. Our summer offer is free shipping and $50 off any and each segment of the MultiMedia Course. Get all the webinar archives and all the benefits by becoming a Registered Student now. Use coupon code – segment – and get on our Astro News list for other special offers.

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Forecast for May 8-15, 2014

We can progress now in leaps and bounds. The ease and flexibility of the Grand Sextile helps us to find new ways to understand and utilize our emotions as the primary tool for growth. The two trines together are in water and earth elements and also contain three oppositions. This necessary tension exists to keep our focus and avoid lethargy. Aries Venus’ first quarter square to Pluto in Capricorn keeps us reaching deep for our true source of inner power.
Mercury’s first quarter square to Neptune will hasten our epiphanies around source energy and how to effectively express it in all communications. This is a busy week that connects streams of energy back to early March’s Venus retrograde cycle in Capricorn. Reflect back to those revelations on core needs and then celebrate how far you have come or perhaps ponder why you missed the mark. This powerful waxing full Moon should help us pin down those feelings. May is $5 workshop month at EAN. Get any ARS 2013 conference video, MP3 and slides for only $5. Enroll in the upcoming Mercury Retrograde webinar as well.

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