Forecast for October 27 – November 2, 2016

The Gaelic cross-quarter holiday Samhain, or All Hallows Eve and All Souls Day, traditionally marks the end of the harvest season and beginning of winter or the ‘darker half’ of the year. It is observed as a time when the veil and boundaries between this world and the Otherworld is thinnest and communications can be facilitated. Astrologically, then, no wonder this New Moon of Scorpio and Mercury’s exterior conjunction to the Sun, occur between 5-8* Scorpio. This new moon is all about meeting and honoring your emotional needs first in order to become more authentic. Remember, Scorpio can smell out incongruency and call out those conflicting messages with a bite. Be direct and to the point. Be willing to feel what is being offered to you and the essence behind the words. Mercury will also make a waning sextile to Pluto, assisting in these physical and non-physical means and messages. Venus squares the nodal axis at 11* Sag/Virgo/Pisces. We could be confused and non-committal. As she moves beyond her conjunction to Saturn on Oct. 29th at 14* Sag, doing what you truly need to do becomes easier and self-responsible behavior is accented. Mars’ last quarter square to Uranus at 22* Cap/Aries could mean some feistiness might be in the air this Halloween or even some old fashioned road rage! Finally, Jupiter’s first waning quincunx to Neptune may reveal some deep wounds we have in relation to others that appear to have more say and more influence over us than we like. This could add some defensiveness that you do not need right now. Ask – “What would you have me know Source?” Listen for clear answers coming through this All Hallows Eve and stay firmly on the road leading to the core of the Soul.

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Forecast for October 20-26, 2016

Mars new phase conjunction to Pluto has officially started its new two-year cycle. The theme for the next two years is no less than taking charge of your life! The signature of this Mars/Pluto transit in Capricorn, and its effect on our desire nature, is accentuated with the Sun and Mercury entering powerful Scorpio.

The Scorpio mantra: “I metamorphose myself with evolving self-reliance” The time is ripe for serious and sustainable choices to be made that will accelerate Soul growth.

All communications, especially those of a digital nature, could easily be confused or challenged as Mercury opposes Uranus. Choose to go live and have a real conversation for a change. Avoid the possible misconstrued exchanges on social media and text and those related upsets!

Finally, Venus gets active – waning square Neptune in Pisces and make a waxing sextile to Jupiter in Libra. This occurs as Jupiter and Neptune form a waning inconjunct that will reflect more necessary social adjustments than usual. Trust your intuition and simply observe the carousel of projections onto partners, political leaders and gurus so as to avoid emotional charges over the next several weeks. The courage to move forward and the power to sustain that growth is always found from within. TV talking heads and super-charged rhetoric should now be avoided in order to allow a most peaceful journey to the core of the Soul.

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Forecast for October 13-19, 2016

This Full Moon of Aries podcast profoundly highlights the cardinal archetypes and features Pluto, the Soul, in aspect to every other planet!
The predominant themes are balancing our individual, unique desire to initiate new modes of action while maintaining balance within our core relationships. Independence and commitments. This Full Moon of Aries conjunct innovative Uranus in Aries will yield opportunity to connect these new ideas on deep emotional levels and glue them into reality.
On October 19th, Mars will conjunct Pluto after its slow and deliberate retrograde passage through Scorpio and Sagittarius this year. This conjunction initiates a new 2-year cycle of our conscious desire nature with the deepest, sometimes unconscious, yearnings we have on a Soul level.
EAN celebrates this transit and offers two free webinars for all new EA Associates wishing to journey to the core of the Soul with EA: Simply email Mediamonk  your complete birth data and you will receive your Pluto by House and Sign webinars containing all the audio and video links on the first page, and all the printable slides used in the webinar presentation.
Finally, Venus enters Sagittarius on October 18 – November 11th and we all lighten up somewhat in our search for authenticity and honesty. May you be most successful in this Soul-inspiring week and be sure to ponder these words and transits more deeply as you observe this powerful Full Moon in the sky and Pluto Mars!

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Forecast for October 6-12, 2016

Reflections upon the recent retrogrades (Mercury and Pluto) turning stationary direct yield clearer understandings of what we desire collectively in our communities and personally with our relationships as we enter this Libran phase with Sun, Mercury and Jupiter there creating a T-square with Pluto and Uranus.
Cardinal energies are pushing us forward.

However, we are also aware that the Nodal Axis has been applying to squares to Saturn most of this year (February-November), becoming exact on October 7 at 12* Virgo/Pisces/Sagittarius respectively. We have to be acutely conscious of any blind-spots in our quest for ultimate self-responsibility. Mars’ waning sextile to Neptune demands this as well.
Neptune conjunct the south node of the Moon can easily hoodwink us into denial. A gentle and genuine surrender of the ego and allowing Source to filter through and synchronize decisions and choices is certainly a grand intention right now.
Finally, Sun in Libra squaring Pluto may cause us to doubt if we are even able to connect with our Soul. Who Am I? Meditate on avenues and actions that honors your becoming and takes you forever forward on the journey to the core of the Soul.

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