Forecast for June 25 – July 1, 2014

With Jupiter square the nodes of the Moon and the Sun now activating the grand cross in cardinal signs, our emotional processing is at an apex rendering some solutions to all the Mercury retrograde frustrations. Hopefully a new level of emotional congruency results from the process. However, this new Moon also opposes Pluto in Cap demanding that this new awareness come after experiencing and honoring those feelings. Do not judge feeling a bit insecure right now. It is the process that gets us to the other side. Gemini Venus waxing square to Neptune freshly retrograde will help us along to touch into that personal relationship to Source. Join us for Jupiter in Leo two night webinar July 16 & 17 at 6-8pm MDT.

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Forecast for June 19-26, 2014

Mercury has reached its interior conjunction to the Sun and we should feel a little less overwhelm and more green lights on our path. Chiron is stationary retrograde on the summer solstice and along with Jupiter’s aspect to Neptune, more Piscean energy bubbles up to be healed. We will have five retrograde planets for awhile yet so please honor your meditation downtime and receive the answers you have been asking for. There is still much emotional in the air as Jupiter is also square the nodal axis in Aries-Libra. Watch defensiveness and posturing with Mars’ last opposition to Uranus. Open up to really listening to another as we are all just a bit too self-focused right now. Venus ingresses into curious Gemini and we are ready to explore again. If you are ready to explore the next step in your spiritual growth, use coupon code – segment – and receive our best offer this year to become a registered student by purchasing at least one segment of our Course.

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Forecast for June 12-19, 2014

Every heavenly body and the nodal axis are activated next week. Jupiter has been within orb of squaring the nodes before entering Leo next month. Honor your emotions and intuition. The senses do not lie but our busy minds may override good choices. That energy you feel is the waxing full Moon as Libra Mars squares Cap Pluto and lights up the cardinal cross once again. We are releasing old desires that no longer serve us but with this intense full Moon and planets retrograde, it could just make us want to punch someone in the nose.Venus opposes Saturn retrograde in Scorpio and with Neptune retrograde, many unconscious patterns are being released revealing old wounds and psychic scars.We feel vulnerable right now because our deepest co-dependencies are being exposed. However, Mercury’s antics have taken center stage right now on MediaMonk’s ascendant no doubt aiding our weekly podcast to become distorted. This week you receive a partial 24 minute version of the forecast and Mercury Retrograde in Cancer-Gemini 2 hour forecasting webinar.

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