Forecast for February 27 – March 4, 2015

Jupiter has been a focal point, if not the leading edge, of our evolution with its waning inconjunct to a Capricorn Pluto. Our creative endeavors are being required, and even re-wired, to consider the outer and societal interests over our own self-interests. Those creative juices are flowing with the waxing trine to an Aries Uranus. Do you see your creative rewards coming through? If un-wired, you will get another chance to hook up in late May at the next exact waxing trine of Jupiter/Uranus.
New foundations have now been laid as we reach the Pluto Uranus first quarter phase. The middle degrees of the cardinal signs (and 14*-15* of all signs!) are particularly ripe for growth or disappointment depending on the level of intention and effort.
Finally, the inner planets are supercharged. Mercury has been amped with information on all levels for nearly two months. Venus will trine Jupiter, conjoin Uranus and square Pluto. It is up to you to take the new values and ideas and manifest them in productive ways. Mars will take up that clarion call of action next week with aspects to the outer planets so join us for the full moon podcast next week and the March webinars on the 4th and the 9th!

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Forecast for February 18-25, 2015

The New Moon in the last minutes of the sign Aquarius reinforces unique and inspired messages filtering through our sub-conscious. Just as we post this podcast and immediately after the New Moon, the Sun will ingress Pisces, and over the weekend, a noticeable shift occurs to yin and water energies.  The Pisces mantra is “I am in wholeness with my reality”.

Mars and Venus have been dancing together in Pisces for a month and now conjunct one another at 2* Aries on Feb. 21st. Are you ready to initiate new relationships in your world? We will have three conjunctions of Mars Venus this year: Feb. 21st at 2* Aries, August 31st at 15* Leo, and Nov. 2nd at Virgo 24*. Venus will be retrograde July 25 – Sep. 9th in Leo.

Jupiter Retro in Leo inconjuncts a Cap Pluto and Pisces Chiron. We are well served to watch any distortions around love. Become the mature attractor magnet of self love that naturally draws relationships in. Finally, the Sun will square Saturn and conjunct Neptune next week anchoring our efforts and energies to creative completion.

March webinars are March 4 – Uranus Pluto Moving Forward and March 9 – Saturn Retro in Sag Scorpio. Get your enrollment and webinar links on the Forecasting Webinar page or one of our Event newsletters.

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Forecast for February 3-12, 2015

The Mercury Retrograde fun continues as StarLady and MediaMonk attempt to leave the studio for the live event in Florida. In typical air energy fashion, too many details and not quite enough time. Of course, that was not helped by surprise visits from the in-laws and MediaMonk’s sister for Super Bowl weekend. Our airplane itinerary changed plugging StarLady in the middle seat with 3-hour layovers going and coming home, the printer ran out of ink, and we found ourselves running about exchanging purchases at the local stores. So please enjoy this somewhat abbreviated version of StarLady Soul- Reader. Our intent was to bring you two weeks of information Full Moon to New Moon but, of course, we got cut off in the middle of our flow by our audio service at midnight on the Full Moon of Leo. See you all soon and remember to breathe and empower us to make it to Florida!

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