Forecast for March 26 – April 1, 2015

Taurus Venus and Values. Values determine desires. Venus’ last quarter square to a stationary Leo Jupiter will have us asking which values are most important in out lives. There could also be that familiar yearning “Who will love me?” but are you really willing to openly share the love you desire?
Venus’ waxing sextile to Chiron provides opportunity to look inward for more self-healing. What little wounds remain that serve to stall your evolution and block love?
Venus’ waxing trine to Pluto in Cap could yield some true financial or career rewards given the commensurate level of self-reliance and autonomy achieved to date. Mercury in Aries until April 14th could have us racing ahead without forethought or just bulldozing our way through “conversations”.
Finally, Mars in Venus’ sign of Taurus will have us searching for new directions forward. Prioritize actions and with steady effort create something useful, pleasurable and/or beautiful. This weekend is a great time to be sensitive and sharing in the lives of those you wish to love more and more this spring and beyond. MultiMedia and Digital versions of the course on sale through April 8th.

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Forecast for March 19-26, 2015

The solar eclipse occurs at 29*27′ Pisces and the news of increased solar flares and electromagnetic blowouts on the Sun’s surface heighten the solar energy of the weekend. Be very aware and rather defensive in large crowds particularly.
The Sun is in Aries by early next week and the mantra is: “I initiate with consideration of others”

Mars continues to bounce off the outer planets and is beginning yin phases to Neptune and Saturn that may tone down the underlying feistiness somewhat.
Mercury conjoins Chiron and sextile Pluto so clear communications and deeper connections are favored.
Venus sextile to Neptune eases inner and then outer love in your world.
Finally this week, the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn in the fire signs highlight new ideas, progress and profound insights with Saturn and Jupiter retrograde. Get on board and ride the wave!

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Forecast for March 12-19, 2015

Mercury ingresses Pisces and will conjunct Neptune later next week. Communicating could be hampered if you are unwilling to sense the complete message behind any words. Venus will also change signs and is in her own sign of rulership – Taurus. New and refined values are at the forefront. How are your needs, values and desires evolving?

Mars will aspect all outer planets and Chiron from March 9-22. Mars’ waxing sesquiquadrate to a retrograde Saturn and Mars’ conjunction to Uranus square Pluto may ignite some unexpected events collectively.

Finally, Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius begins a four month long review of our larger cosmic and earthly understandings of our interconnectedness here on the planet. Discussions around beliefs and religion could be feisty, so please remember to breathe. After all, would you rather be right or happy?

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