Forecast for October 1-7, 2015

We all will be feeling emotional relief on the other side of last weekend’s Lunar Eclipse.
Venus will move back into Virgo (October 8 – November 8) after its retrograde in Leo. What inner adjustments and self-improvements did you make during the retrograde that will result in healthier relating?
Mercury has now reached the interior conjunction with the Sun at 7* Libra. What revelations in communicating patterns were exposed for you? Where do I need to balance my own needs with those of another?
Mars at 4* Virgo will make a waxing sesquiquadrate to Uranus in Aries qualifying just how these new beginnings will be implemented. All these relating themes will come to a head November 2nd when Mars and Venus conjunct at 24* Virgo.

The Sun and Pluto will square off and show us how well we have become congruent with our work and the deepest levels of our Soul’s needs. More relationship and work changes could result.
Finally, Mars will oppose Neptune October 6th at 7* Virgo-Pisces that may add some confusion to the process. Get out your charts and locate 7* and 22* for your most imminent personal affects on your journey to the core of your Soul and then join us a a Registered Student for the fall webinars.


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Forecast for September 24-30, 2015

Mars enters Virgo and, along with Jupiter activates tension with its last quarter square to Saturn in Sagittarius in the midst of a Mercury retrograde! Pluto is now stationary direct at 13* Capricorn. Crises in Consciousness is the theme of this lunar eclipse weekend with Sag Saturn and retro Mercury in Libra waning to Pluto direct, as well. 13*- 15* of any sign will be triggered as well as 5* or 20*. Inner analysis is your friend and will relieve the emotional compression.
It is usually enough potential energy to have planets changing directions and/or signs in a given weekly forecast. However, the mix occurring this weekend is powered by a Lunar Eclipse at 5* Aries that will be totally visible in the eastern U.S. and partially so in the central and western parts of the country from roughly 7pm to 11:30 pm MDT Sunday evening. Get out and experience this visual treat in the sky!
Patience and mental clarity are real assets for us now in the short term. We are completing a 19 month long nodal transit on the paradoxical Aries-Libra nodal axis where we have found ourselves tested deeply on how we truly are within our various relationships. Until November, masks may be torn off, old flames could re-appear, commitments could be shattered or re-affirmed. Mercury retro’s Murphy’s Law issues affects workflows and other timely and technical details in or out of the office. Perseverance and peace on your inner journey – as external efforts seem to be suspended and frustrated until Mercury’s interior conjunction to the Sun September 30th.
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Forecast for September 10-16, 2015

The highlight of Chiron’s retrograde cycle is Sept. 11th with it’s opposition to the Sun. Promote some practical, step by step process to address any deceptions remaining that keep you from becoming more unconditional with yourself and others. Release those tendencies toward crisis management.
Welcome to north node eclipse season with the Sun on that north node September 13th. Much support on sincere efforts to heal. Be gentle. Old worn out beliefs may be up in our faces with Jupiter opposing Neptune. Decide which actions are incongruent and rise above them. We have two must take webinars on Jupiter in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius – find them on the forecasting webinars page for guidance.
Finally, The Uranus Pluto bass note is highly activated with all heavenly bodies making aspects to the square.
Stay centered. Increasing eclipse energy and lots of Virgo can be a recipe for mistakes. Join us for the free Mercury Retrograde in Libra webinar Monday night by looking for Astro News links!


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Forecast for September 3-9, 2015

The Universal clock is indicating much creativity for all of us tempered with a dose of Virgo discernment. What new efforts need to be made in order to have your desires manifest?
Venus is now freshly a Morning Star rising before the Sun. This, in and of itself, is rather auspicious for new relating to take place just after the conjunction with Mars in late Leo. Are you going to repeat old patterns or will you decide and discern to work on yourself?
Through the holiday weekend, receive the Jupiter in Virgo series with any course Segment purchase and get ready for the fall webinars. You will also receive $50 off any Segment format in our best offer this year to attract new students.
Mars aspects Chiron and Uranus retrograde demanding that actions now be congruent with the highest and best for the Soul.
Learn all about the upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Libra by taking our free webinar Monday September 14, 2015 6-8pm MDT. The link is made available when you sign up for Astro News on the bottom of any page of the website. Aloha Uhane’ from EAN.


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