Forecast for October 29 – November 4, 2015

The present date for Halloween – October 31 – marks the approximate midway point between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. Halloween is one of the year’s four cross-quarter days. It is the modern-day descendant from Samhain, a festival of the ancient Celts and Druids. The Pleiades star cluster also plays a role in this story, because Samhain was said to happen on the night that the Pleiades star cluster culminated – or reached its highest point in the sky – at midnight.
So on this auspicious occasion, we suitably have a Scorpio Sun waxing trine to Neptune in Pisces just as Neptune is standing still to go direct November 18th. The emotional whirlwinds are a blowing. Scorpio invites us to farthest recesses and Pisces just wants to float and be happy. Where are you in this? At the very least, we will have a barometer on our emotional self-reliance to date. Celebration or Melancholy?
Mercury also ingresses Scorpio and our antennae are highly tuned in to that emotional spectrum. If you honestly do not feel like celebrating, at least don’t force yourself or risk disappointment.
The action evolution continues with the Mars Venus conjunction in productive Virgo. The Virgo Pisces axis becomes highly piqued. The Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune spiritual t-square is still in orb and then join us for the Nodes in Virgo Pisces – Achieving Your Path to Self Improvement Nov. 4th. Enroll and receive registration link
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Forecast for October 22-28, 2015

The Full Moon of Taurus Oct. 28 and the Sun ingresses Scorpio Friday, Oct. 23. Where is the emotional pressure building for you? Scorpio is fixed modality and a water sign so, particularly in the area of finances and new commitments, this question may help with the awareness before any eruption.

We have featured Saturn’s waning sesquiquadrate to Uranus in Aries because of the conscious shift inward to discover new levels of inner truth. Buttons are being pushed and lies are being exposed with Saturn in Sagittarius.

Venus is in balsamic phase to Mars until their conjunction Nov. 2nd at 24* Virgo. These two conscious inner planets are opposing both Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. Are you feeling like a victim of your circumstances? If so, did a little deeper now and re-define your value system and watch the outer circumstances change.

Jupiter leads the mutable march in Virgo and for the next year, the theme of inner adjustments and compromises will be present for all. Join us for the Nodes in Virgo-Pisces webinar Nov. 4th and the first in the Chakra series, Nov.16th. Enrollments on the forecasting webinars page or through the event newsletters.



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Forecast for October 15-21, 2015

The theme for this week’s podcast can be described by two words – fruition or disintegration. Mars in Virgo is in a waning trine to Pluto in Cap suggesting possible rewards in work or career. However, the energy is neutral and to the degree that prior consistent (earth signs) efforts (virgo) have been made will be the consequential outer reward. Many times, however, something must be released or lost in order to move us forward. Where are you in this process?
Mars will conjunct Jupiter in Virgo October 17th which just adds emphasis and expansion to this theme.
Jupiter had its first of three waning trines to Cap Pluto last week so log onto your calendars mid March and mid June for the next two hits for fruition.
Saturn and Uranus’ waning aspect will highlight our quest for complete and utter self-responsibility. The magic steed of self-responsibility will ride us to real freedom and liberation.
Finally, Venus opposes Neptune at 7* Virgo-Pisces. We are all discarding our fantasies around love and the reality of your situation, again, may show up as a deepening within your current relationship or perhaps a parting of ways. Fruition or Disintegration.

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Forecast for October 8-14, 2015

Mercury now stationary direct on the north node of the moon opposing Uranus will test how well we have released old processing patterns in relationships during the retrograde. Mercury will continue to be very active with two more hits to Saturn in Sag as it finally moves out of shadow Oct. 24th.

Venus in Virgo from Oct. 8 – Nov. 8 may assist in discerning and re-shaping any old values that no longer serve us as well. Venus’ last quarter square to Sag Saturn reinforces the new values that have arisen from recent revelations and truths revealed, must now shape-shift into consciousness. The harmonious Virgo Jupiter waning trine aspect to Cap Pluto direct may bring us the outer rewards gestated during this period, if the conscious effort was applied. Very powerful time for manisfestation with these two planets in the Earth signs, with hits coming again in March and June 2016.
Finally, Saturn in Sag is uncomfortably adjusting to Uranus in Aries with the waning sesquiquadrate. It is like the Know-It-All meets the Rebel in the alley each wishing to convince and convert the other. The time is now for clarity. No need to mince words but have a deepened sense of the power in those words matching up with the desires of the Soul.

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