Forecast for February 24 – March 2, 2016

Lucifer retrograde on StarLady’s natal Pluto caused a little temporary setback with our new commitment to get these weekly podcasts distributed earlier in the week. Lucifer went retrograde at 10* Virgo Dec. 31st and will be direct April 18th at 25* Leo. This most interesting archetype will reflect an undermining of the Soul’s efforts in moving forward – a saboteur of evolution.
The spiritual t-square of Jupiter and Chiron squaring Saturn, essentially stationary retrograde, can trigger past life memories and other wounds, causing us to look deeper at our core beliefs and recent commitments to self-improvement.
Lastly, Sag Saturn’s last quarter square to Neptune in Pisces may have us stubbornly drawing lines in the sand. We either are experiencing disillusions around core beliefs or staunchly defending them. The annual conjunction of the Sun to Neptune will hopefully enlighten your position in this. Announcing all course segments on sale $50 off in any format until Feb. 29th. Join us on the journey to the core of your Soul and get all the online benefits immediately after enrolling.



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Forecast for February 18-24, 2016

The mood shifts to heartwarming Pisces Feb. 18th with the Sun’s annual ingress into the sign representing the totality of consciousness. The Pisces mantra is: “I am in wholeness with my Reality.” The Full Moon of Virgo follows Feb. 22 at 3* Virgo-Pisces. Jupiter retrograde conjunct the north node in Virgo opposes Chiron and that is a broader harmonic of very similar energy. So a double dose of impassioned and poignant Piscean waves of energy. Focus on how well you can be of service to the larger whole while maintaining your self-improvement regimens and become all you can be. We are now accepting new enrollments into the Evolutionary Astrology Course Segments 1 & 2 & 3. Get all the archives right away and all the material in your choice of formats. Use coupon code – pisces – and save $50 off any/all formats. Good time for Segment 3 Health and Wellness astrology with all this Virgo flavor. MediaMonk recently added 26 hours of Jeffrey Green relationship astrology to the Segment 2 archives! Look at the new page here: Astrology Courses

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Forecast for February 11-17, 2016

A definite Aquarian flavor as flexible Mercury enters Aquarius Feb. 13 – March 5th followed by sensitive Venus in Aquarius Feb. 16 – March 12. We must say that if you have been considering the Evolutionary Astrology Course, now would be a natural time to decide with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all in the sign that rules astrology. Look at the new page here: Astrology Courses
Mars remains “active” with a comfortable aspect to Jupiter and the north node at 21* Scorpio-Virgo.
All in all, a relatively peaceful time for the transits just in time for Valentine’s Day. May you be blessed in discovery of love and appreciation. Remember to join in the Chakra series with the Solar Plexus on tap Feb. 15 and the Heart Chakra Feb. 22. Join us by enrolling here: Chakra Webinars

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Forecast for February 4-10, 2016

Major collective themes for your awareness include Mars, Venus, Saturn and Pluto.
Venus, the planet of values and resources, will make 6 aspects from 16-22* Capricorn. This follows Mercury doing the same thing during its last retrograde sojourn through Cap, so those new communication lessons will now be applied to a deeper understanding of what is important to us. Powerful personal practice that will help us greatly prior to the Mars retrograde coming up April 17th.
So Mercury and Venus set the stage for refining our values. Values determine what we need and desire for our future. This interplay then allows Mars energy to move forth in the most productive ways with sustainable action.

Mars will enter its retrograde shadow Feb. 18th and will be retrograde April 17 through June 29th. This month, Mars will aspect Pluto, Uranus, Chiron, Jupiter and the nodal axis setting the stage for new desires to be manifested. With the New Moon of Aquarius just after the Sun squares Mars, it can be a good time to push ourselves forward if we can do so objectively without too much fear and anxiety.
If you feel much distress, that is your signal to postpone major career and health choices until later this spring.




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