Forecast for April 26 – May 4, 2016

Venus will join Mercury Rx and the Sun in Taurus Friday. Priorities include survival and self-acceptance issues on very personal levels. Good time for pause and meditation on these core issues for each of us.

Taurus Scorpio themes are very present right now, and with Saturn and Mars transiting Sag/Scorpio, both in balsamic phase to Pluto across the wheel, you can expand the core themes to include Death, Sex and Taxes. More celebrities could be in the news with affairs, money scandals and/or check outs.

Pressure will build due to the confluence of the retrograde planets during this unusually long, 24 day Mercury cycle and the releasing of  Mars and Saturn to Pluto the Soul.

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Forecast for April 21-27, 2016

Mercury will soon be retrograde and join Mars in igniting the Uranus Pluto bass note of energy that is continuing to generate themes of liberation and suppression world wide.
We will then have 5 planetary energies retrograde until Jupiter goes stationary direct May 9th at 13* Virgo. Good time to reflect on all the spiritual, mental and emotional changes we have experienced since the March eclipses. Join us for the free Mercury retro webinar April 25th – registration on the forecasting webinars page of EAN.
The Full Moon of Scorpio this week will challenge us emotionally if we have not been grounding ourselves in the grand trine of Earth with Jupiter Rx, Pluto Rx and Mercury.


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Forecast for April 14-20, 2016

Pondering the many paths to inner peace amidst the changing outer landscapes of our time is reflected back to us from the spiritual, mutable T-square of Virgo Jupiter Rx, Neptune, and Mars (stationary retrograde) and Saturn Rx in Sag. We also get to experience a grand trine in Earth, with Mercury in Taurus trine Jupiter Rx in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn stationary retrograde.

Our functional bottom line is this: Grind through the details with absolute intention. Listen acutely to those around you without reaction, while grounding yourself in place for the next couple of months.

Mars Rx in Sag = My personal truth in action. How to I take that to my next level of utter self-reliance?

Pluto Rx in Cap = What deep separating desires related to finances and my stable infrastructure are no longer working?

You may recall that we have had Mercury and the Sun sparking the Uranus – Pluto square. Now Venus will aspect the bass note igniting some feistiness if not downright anger and frustration. She will also activate the fire signs with trines to Mars and Saturn.

Next week also find the Sun’s ingress into Taurus with the mantra: I achieve self-reliance with every metamorphosis.  Breathe deep through this weekend as we experience Mars in Sag and Pluto in Cap beginning their reversal through the heavens over the next few months.

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Forecast for April 6-13, 2016

Sun and New Moon at 18* Aries will touch off our spring and bring many new beginnings. It is a powerful punch indeed, and yet a salvo that requires equal measure of detachment and objectivity as this New Moon conjuncts Uranus.
The April retrograde planets of Mercury, Mars and Pluto will also emphasize throwing off old desires and bring a fresh commitment back to Source energy.
The trine of Venus to Mars will offer a new ease within relationships, so long as openness and an honest respect are maintained therein.
Finally, the asteroid Lucifer will turn stationary direct at 25* Leo at the same time Mars and Pluto turn stationary retrograde April 17-18. Lucifer is the dual archetype of the fallen angel vs. the bearer of light. This provides us with another opportunity to choose Source first and foremost and remain as open as possible on your continuing journey to the core of the Soul.

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Forecast for March 31- April 6, 2016

As we wind down the March eclipses and begin a new Solar Year, the consistent theme that remains is one of release and renew. As we release March into April 2016, the inner planets will now activate the t-square bass note of Uranus-Pluto, just 3 degrees beyond the exact waxing squares experienced 2012-2015. So first Mercury, next week the Sun, followed by Venus all reinforcing and re-triggering the somewhat confrontational shifts of consciousness between the plutocrats and the new guard. Make no mistake about the fact that this is, indeed, evolution in action.
Furthermore, the spiritual t- square of Neptune opposing Jupiter squaring Saturn in the middle degrees of the mutable signs, emphasizes the seismographic adjustments in beliefs. The plutocrats are being faced with adopting new beliefs in regards to social and LGBT rights, and the rebels are realizing the consequences of out of bounds actions like terrorism.
Pluto, Mars and Mercury are also changing directions in April. The retrogrades of these planets will most certainly allow for some important introspection for the next several months, slowing developments down a bit and cooling the rhetoric of our our boiling public discourse. Join us for all the webinars in April and continue your own evolution!




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