Forecast for July 20 – August 3, 2016

“I Align My Will with Divine Will” is the Leo mantra considering Leo has a role in the play however Universal Source remains “in charge”. We have Uranus and Saturn changing directions within a three week period. First, Uranus, retrograde July 29th at 25* Aries for exactly 5 months (SD Dec. 29th, 21* Aries), then Saturn direct August 13 at 10* Sagittarius. This interplay of subconscious emanations filtering into the consciousness demanding change; versus the status quo is the repeating theme as liberation from archaic and rigid beliefs will continue to be realized against equal measures of control and domination. Mars, in balsamic phase to that Sag Saturn, gets closer and closer to their conjunction and will also enter balsamic phase to Pluto on August 3rd. When the planet ruling war and impulse is finishing up 2-year cycles to heavy planets, righteous actions in the name of some personal “god” and the related power struggles will continue until the conjunctions. Saturn conjuncts Mars August 24th at 10* Sag and then Pluto October 19th at 15* Capricorn. As this occurs in the fall, remember the major Capricorn themes of self-responsibility, self-determination, and self-discipline as you refine your never-ending journey to the core of the Soul.

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Forecast for July 14-20, 2016

Tension continues in this Full Moon podcast with the spiritual T-square in the mutable signs on the nodal axis. Now, add in Uranus in Aries squaring the Sun Moon in Cancer Capricorn and it becomes somewhat understandable why people appear less flexible and more willing to back themselves into their respective camps and corners, avoiding compromise and compassion.
This is the Full Moon of self-responsibility. Saturn is also is forming an applying square to the nodes and is also in a last quarter square to Neptune; a triple emphasis on the self responsibility theme.
However, when we deny that it is us and feel out of control – yes, we are the leading actor in our various personal plays and scenarios – then anger and intolerance will be projected from those unsatisfying experiences causing strife and pain.
The Sun, Mars and Chiron retrograde form a nice trine in water signs, peaking emotions. So decide if you are addicted to the tension and drama or are truly seeking relief. Breathe and know that you control the choice and the outcome on your personal journey to inner peace.

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Forecast for July 7-13, 2016

Uranus and Mars are featured this week as the most interesting planetary pair. First of all, Uranus is standing still in the sky, and the surprise planet will go stationary retrograde July 29th at 25* Aries. Mars will make its third waning inconjunct to Aries Uranus (Mars’ own sign of ruler-ship) July 13th. Control vs. Freedom are the core issues to resolve with these two. Anticipate continued geo-political and institutional upsets as this aspect represents the outer adjustments we must make personally with feedback from society and authority figures. Or, simply put, our inner world may be affected by outer events.
Venus is now leading the inner planets until the conjunction with Mercury July 16th at 6* Leo. Venus in Cancer squaring Uranus in Aries will provide sharp contrasts in our experiences. Venus in Cancer wishes to connect in while Uranus in Aries can arc away. Mercury and the Sun opposing Pluto demands emotional homeostasis regardless of what the world is throwing at you.
Finally, as Venus and Mercury enter Leo in the middle of next week, pay special attention to how it feels. Insecure Leo can compensate and become aggrandizing and self-promoting. Avoid the unnecessary dramas and verbal gaffes. Get ready and choose to channel the generous and naturally supportive Leo archetype on your continuing journey to the core of your Soul.

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