Forecast for April 27 May 3, 2017

Late April has been confounded by 5 planets retrograde and inner planets changing signs.
Venus, now moving forward and back in Aries until May 6th, will challenge us all to be more direct and assertive in expressing ourselves. Venus will record 97 days in Aries before entering Taurus May 15th, demanding activism and movement on those newly minted values spawned during the retrograde.
Mars makes a waxing square and a half to Pluto SR, so confusion continues as the power grabs and control issues result in confrontations and some deadlock. Where can you be flexible without giving yourself away?
Mercury direct @ 24* Aries will then conjunct powerful Uranus @ 26*. Map out these degrees in your chart (and all the late cardinal degree points) for maximum effects personally. Ideas can be easily accessed and conveyed now. Watch the tendency to convert and renovate another’s opinions. Internally, a good time to meditate for the highest and best answers to those prayers and intentions you have been marinating upon. Tune in to any repetitive messages coming through in dreams and quiet times as the veil is thin now and resolutions are facilitated.
Finally, Saturn Rx last quarter square to Chiron in Pisces will cause some re-assessment of our most cherished beliefs. Refine those beliefs, then move gallantly forward on this springtime journey to the core of the Soul.

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Forecast for April 20-26, 2017

A shower of April transits keeps the energy erratic, exciting, and somewhat volatile.
For the next week or so, with Pluto SR standing still in the sky from our geo-centric viewpoint, reality checks will be needed. The Soul will want to push forward but hits a Capricornian wall of rules, regulations, red tape or just downright resistance.
Adding to this mix is Mercury Rx, just beyond its retrograde halfway point, touching in to sticky Taurus. Upon re-entering Aries, Mercury will trine Saturn in Sagittarius. The spin and mistruths continue to be revealed as celebrities are unmasked and the real facts are exposed. This is classic frustration, so prioritize the details well and use the Taurus mantra often: “I create self-reliance with every metamorphosis”
Furthermore, Mars ingresses Gemini and will square the nodal axis, amping up the pace of activities and communication requests from others, making for a very exciting weekend. Stay focused and have some cellular discipline, particularly when driving. A little humility and understanding goes along way with Mars’ aspect to Jupiter in Libra. The communication squabbles continue if you wish to be the blowhard and choose not to listen well. Remember the old adage: “You do not learn anything when talking”. The New Moon @ 6* Taurus on the 26th and Mercury SD May 3rd should bring some calming spring breezes your way on the ever-freshening journey to the core of your Soul.

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Forecast for April 13-19, 2017

Only considered and conscious actions should be taken when Sun and Uranus align in impulsive Aries. The late degrees of the cardinal signs also continue to be supercharged.
With Mercury retrograde, we must practice much more self-forgiveness than usual when interacting with technology, travel plans, and appointments. Mars finishing up in steady Taurus will aid in some grounding, making aspects to Chiron and Saturn Rx. This may result in some internalized slow downs and value reviews. Mercury’s interior conjunction is April 19th, alleviating some of the detail chaos.
Venus now stationary direct in late Pisces, continues the challenge to further define our beliefs and ideals, ethics and scruples; our character. How large can you expand your circle of inclusion without judging another’s mores or standards? Venus’ new cycle around the zodiac begins April 28th re-entering Aries. What about your financial goals and values? How do they align?
Finally, the Sun makes a waxing trine to Saturn Rx @ 28* Sag just before entering Taurus. Be looking for some unexpected truths to be exposed and a burst of creative inspiration. May you fully adopt the Taurus mantra of “creating self-reliance with every metamorphosis” on this value and resource journey to the core of your Soul.


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Forecast for April 6-12, 2017

We have a host of retrograde planets, as well as the asteroid Lucifer. The Sun will trigger and invigorate the cardinal T-square on a full waxing Moon weekend,  so slow down and be much more cautious and careful.
Sun @ 18* Aries opposes Jupiter in Libra squaring Pluto SR @ 19* Capricorn. The emphasis is now on releasing all those outworn relationship scripts. Venus Rx @ 28* Pisces makes a waxing square to Saturn SR @ 28* Sag. The resolutions to those old scripts will only occur to the degree you accept maximum responsibility for all that you bring into the relating sphere. No projections allowed.
Eris, an archetype of the warrior goddess, conjoins the Sun and Uranus enlivening 21* – 25* of the cardinal signs. Check out those degrees in your own chart while envisioning peace for all.
Finally, Lucifer Rx @ 7* Sag will attempt to undermine our truth. Be alert to con jobs, watch out for spin in the news cycle, and overselling of any kind. This is where evolution turns the light switch of the returning forces on very brightly; illuminating the path to the core of your Soul.


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