Forecast for August 31 – September 6, 2017

Mercury Rx and Mars conjoin on the same degree point of our recent solar eclipse in late Leo. In addition, we wax on towards the Full Moon of Pisces next Wednesday. Impulsive thinking combines with emotional volatility. This may lead to erratic decisions and the resulting actions of those decisions could affect the quality of our holiday weekend. Not a good time to compete for attention. Mars will also make an adjustment (waxing inconjunct) aspect to Chiron Rx – another reason for seeking to serve rather than being overly demanding in groups.
Neptune Rx conjunct the Full Moon @13* Pisces, reaches the halfway point of its retro-cycle with the opposition to the Sun, adding the real possibility of confusion and misunderstandings to the mix. Choose clarity as you transition back to more regular routines in early September.

Mars will enter Virgo for seven weeks on Sept. 5th, calming the energy down a bit and allowing us some firm footing to advance agendas.
Finally, StarLady and the Full Moon of Pisces invite you to “Pray with your Feet” on your ever-unfolding journey to the core of the Soul.

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Forecast for August 24-30, 2017

The theme becomes acute awareness of one’s reality and sobering up to move forward.
Saturn stationary direct @21* Sagittarius. And then, a clarion call for greater truth in our experiences.  Mercury retrograde also makes its interior conjunction to the Sun @ 4* Virgo. The Virgo mantra: “I discern with intuitive wholeness.”
Jupiter’s one waning sextile to Saturn (August 27) strongly indicates a reckoning going on with abundance issues, relationships and our beliefs. Jupiter will ingress Scorpio on October 10th. Deep understandings to the core make us feel vulnerable. Inclusive vs. exclusive themes penetrate the psyche.
Finally, this all takes place against the drumbeat of the first of five Uranus waxing semi-squares to Neptune (August 11). The crescent phase aspect requires a review on major levels – will technology serve spirituality? Or will we continue to race blindly ahead, regardless of the long-term effects of human activity to the planet? Stay tuned….the remaining four Uranus-Neptune waxing semi-squares may take climate denial to the next dangerous level in our country.

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Forecast for August 17-23 – Solar Eclipse 2017

Welcome to the Great American Solar Eclipse week!
We begin with Venus’ opposition to Pluto in Capricorn and Venus’ last
quarter square to Jupiter in Libra. Suffice to say that many distorted
value systems in our society are now in full view. Get clear about what
your values truly are and expose and call out those that are dangerous and
Mars in Leo making aspects to Jupiter and Saturn now emphasizes the
necessary actions that must be taken to implement the important changes at
this crossroads of American history.
Remember, evolution will happen as we continue through north node in
Leo eclipse season. As you experience the Solar Eclipse Monday, intend your
evolution to be a catalyst for growth and awakening on deep emotional
levels. The joy and juice of new creative accomplishments will then be

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Forecast for August 2-9, 2017

Although most are excited about the upcoming Great American Solar Eclipse August 21st, the powerful Aquarian Lunar Eclipse on August 7th @ 15* Aquarius-Leo begins a clarion call for authenticity and objectivity amidst our search for freedom and self-expression this summer.
The South Node ruler, Uranus, goes stationary retrograde @ 29* Aries adding some unpredictable fuel to the ride.
Mars conjunct the Sun as it blocks the Moon on the Lunar Eclipse could cause some irritation and indignation on the way, so watch your reactivity meter and breathe through the fireworks. Mars’ waxing inconjunct to Chiron Rx in Pisces demands consideration of others. So, keep in mind when interacting, the horse has two ends and which end are you?
Finally, looking ahead, Uranus, freshly Rx, makes the first of five waxing semi-squares to Neptune Rx in Pisces on August 11th. This is a quintessential archetype of spiritual liberation. A reprieve from materialism and waking up to the detrimental effects of the carbonization of planet Earth are welcome ideals on your creative journey to the core of the Soul.

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