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The Astro Library

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“Our intention is to educate, support and inspire those attracted to
Evolutionary Astrology and to evolving the Soul.”
Kim Marie, EAN Managing Director


EAN’s multimedia astro library includes both online streaming material as well as offline material such as course binders, DVDs and printable PDF files. The library includes both EAN’s certification course work as well as archives of live events featuring more than a dozen EA teachers, including workshops, conferences and webinars. This comprehensive collection is one of the largest astrological libraries available on spiritual and psychological astrology anywhere in the world.



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EAN’s Original Signature MultiMedia Courses

Whether your desire is to become a certified Evolutionary Astrologer, or you wish to pursue deep Soul growth, these courses allow you to take a journey to the core of your Soul. EAN invites you to join our community.

Segment I – Philosophy, Archetypes & the Individual

Segment II – Relationships, Sexuality, Synastry & Composite

Segment III – Health & Wellness

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Astro Library Collections

Section 1 – Planets, Houses and Signs – The Archetypes
(over 200 hours)

Section 2 – Understanding the EA Method
(67 hours audio and 49 hours video)

Section 3 – Relationships, Health, Locational and Forecasting
(78 audio hours and 86 video hours)

The Premium Subscription
(includes all 3 Sections – over 500 hours of material)

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Astrology Webinars – Live and Archived

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