Personal Consultations with Kim Marie

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Kim Marie Consultations

Consultations take place over the phone or Skype and we record it on our end and provide you with an MP3 download link (unless a CD is requested)

When emailing, calling or placing an appointment order online, please include your complete birth date, birth place and birth time!

EAN accepts all credit and debit cards, PayPal and checks or money orders if received in the mail before the appointment.  Kim Marie reads primarily on Tuesdays through Fridays although other times are usually available.  Her current consultation rate is $150/per hour.  Additional charts used are $50 per chart and that birth data must be provided at the time the consultation is booked. Most sessions take one hour to 75 minutes.

For all online orders using the buttons below, please enter your birth data on your member profile pages after checkout and your account is established on this site.

To set up an appointment with Kim Marie via phone, call 1-605-348-5111.

If choosing an audio skype session, add  kimmarie4702 to your skype contacts and ring her up at the appointment time.

One-Hour Consultation

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Kim Marie and LeRoy at Crazy Horse Monument in the Black Hills.

One-Hour Consultation

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