2nd and 8th Houses DVD


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Evolutionary Astrology addresses the Soul. It acknowledges and honors it’s rich tapestry, woven over many lifetimes – the chapters within stories that span the realm of human experience, and comprise the Soul reality of an individual in this life. Past life experiences that resulted in physical, mental, or emotional trauma remain with the Soul as imprints on the subtle bodies throughout subsequent incarnations.

These may manifest as psychological and emotional complexes as well as physical symptoms. An evolutionary perspective allows one to identify and address the core themes behind these complexes. The underlying theme is often one of survival at its most basic level, highlighting Second-Eighth House issues of survival, death, loss, abandonment, power/powerlessness, merging and self-reliance.

The remnants these lifetimes find their way into many other life arenas stirring up a ‘life or death’ quality to them. Kitty will use case studies from her work in Integral Regression Therapy, which like Evolutionary Astrology focuses on healing core Soul traumas. She will correlate actual past life stories with trauma signatures found in the chart, and how an understanding of core themes is a step towards healing and releasing complexes that no longer serve.


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