Segment 3 – Health & Wellness Dvds and Materials


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Segment 3 curriculum teaches individuals how to love and support the temple of their Soul. Segment 3 – Health and Wellness introduces spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellness systems throughout the planetary archetypes. As individuals learn about possible imbalances, they also learn methods and means to create strength and reconnection with Universal Source energy within their own Soul and the temple in which that Soul resides.

This segment is best integrated after Segment I although it may be purchased at any time in your studies. Segment 3 offers astrologers the Evolutionary Astrology approach to self-healing and well-being. It includes 13 top-quality Dvds with nearly 200 pages of support materials in 3-ring binder. It also includes access to the Registered Students area which features all archived teleclasses and Registered Student benefits including access to the Internet Forum.

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