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Individual Workshops

The Individual streaming workshops within the green sections below on this page have been discounted and re-priced for an unlimited view.

Hi MediaMonk,

Just to say that I liked the new webinar format. The audio was nice and clear, better on my end in New Zealand than the first webinar and much better than the phone classes too so a good upgrade I am sure you are pleased with. KM seems better than ever – the whole thing felt comfortable, informative, rich and elegant.


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Mastering Chart Interpretation

The essence and practice of chart interpretation is challenging and exciting but can also be overwhelming for astrologers. Kim Marie, the Managing Director for the Evolutionary Astrology Network, planet_plutotakes you on the journey of mastering the skill of chart interpretation utilizing Pluto and the Moon’s nodal axis for understanding the soul and its ego. Three hours of EA basics will ground you then chart examples, 12 separate videos for you all using workshop attendee’s charts. Your purchase will grant you access to all videos immediately after checkout! 15 hours captured at the live event and a PDF with all the relevant chart information used during the workshop for easy resourcing. Dvds backups in addition to the digital also available for the upcharge price.

The Elements and Modalities of Astrology

Have you ever wondered where the archetypes come from? A great meal is only as good as the ingredients involved andplanetary-glyphs that is why you need to understand the Elements, The Modalities and the Polarity of astrology. When you begin to understand the archetypes from the perspective of natural law and principles, then consistency and depth in your chart readings are the result! Two bonus hours from Mark Jones on The Water Element and The Cardinal Signs are included making this 16 hour, 9 separate video workshop bundle a great value in expanding your expertise! All available from your account page immediately after checkout.

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5 Part Series Recorded Live

Planetary Pairs & Their Cycles – Scottsdale 2013

This is the live virtual event recorded before the Arizona Society of Astrologers March 15 & 16 in Scottsdale Arizona. The first hour promotes the understanding of key planetary pairs in Evolutionary Astrology. Each planet is in a continuous and evolving relationship with every other planet.

The next three hours features her most recent Cycle of Phases and Aspects presentation. This phasal relationship is the glue to fully comprehend and synthesize any two archetypes in the chart. Kim Marie utilizes two new charts produced specifically for this event, ready to download, with your purchase. Many archetypes are explored with the chart example used in this 4.5 hours, however, Jupiter/Saturn and Venus/Mars are highlighted.

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15-Hour Comprehensive EA Intro

The EA Intro Workshop is divided into 8 parts of a 15-hour workshop featuring Kim Marie, Director of EAN worldwide and Ms. Deva Green, the daughter of Jeffrey Green. The workshop is rich in visual aids that enhance the presentation and add clarity. The Introductory Workshop takes the newer and intermediate student through some of the very basics of astrology and astronomy as well as into the core understanding of Evolutionary States, Cycle of Phases and Aspects, and the Planetary Method of Chart Interpretation, all key components in this methodology.

Each part can be purchased separately, or all 8 can be purchased for a discount. Upon check out, you will receive a private link to stream, pause, fast forward and rewind each title for one month.

Featuring Kim Marie

A comprehensive workshop especially beneficial to those newer to Evolutionary Astrology as it provides a logical framework for understanding all the major archetypes while grounding the adept astrologer in the basics of the Pluto Formula that underlies the method.

The Planetary Method of Chart Interpretation – Kim Marie

(VIDEO) Kim Marie takes Evolutionary Astrology to the Hawaiian Islands. The Planetary Method includes Pluto’s placement by house and sign and those polarities. The Trinity of the Past  and the Trinity of the Future incorporate the nodal axis of the Moon. This video was recorded on the island of Kauai for the local astrology group in January 2011. The entire Hawaii workshop is available in this streaming format. Includes the Cycle of Phases and Aspects as well as Family Astrology, Saturn Moon Planetary Pair and Parent Child Dynamics.

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Family Astrology – Part 1 of 2

(VIDEO) Kim Marie concludes her teaching on the Planetary Method and proceeds into Family Astrology. The Kauai group learns astrology through these family relationship astrology dynamics. The 4th and 10th houses as well as the signs of Cancer and Capricorn are highlighted.

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Family Astrology – Part 2 – Parent-Child Dynamics

(VIDEO) Kim Marie teaches about family relationships as the Kauai Astrology group learns astrology through this relationship astrology lesson. The 4th and 10th houses as well as the signs of Cancer and Capricorn are highlighted as indicators of these early relating dynamics that affect future relating patterns.

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Powerful Cycles that Effect Your Love Life

The dance of Venus and Mars represents our need for love and how we go about achieving it.  Venus describes our essential needs, both inner (Taurus) and outer (Libra), which we must recognize before any relationship can be successfully actualized with Mars. Each time we experience Venus retrograde, we review our values and evolving needs.  Every eight years Venus retrograde repeats various major themes in our lives.

Each time we experience Mars retrograde we get in touch with reviewing and evolving our conscious desire nature.  Both Venus and Mars have two of the rarest retrograde cycles, yet we find ourselves very interested in how these two planets relate to our love life.

This workshop was recorded live for the Manitoba Astrological Association in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

The Pluto Formula

(VIDEO) Kim Marie presents this key component to the EA method at a local astrology group in the Black Hills. This is where we begin to grasp the karmic past of the Soul and begin to have revealed to us the evolutionary intent through the Pluto placement and the Moon’s nodes. Running time 1 hour 37 minutes.

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Uranus in Aries – Generations

(VIDEO) Uranus begins another 84 year cycle around the zodiac with it’s ingress into combustible Aries. Progressive leaps forward will be experienced but not without many surprises for the next six years. We all will have this transit and we all belong to a particular Uranus generation. Kim Marie, Director of EAN Worldwide, presents this 65 minute synopsis on what the generational affects will be.

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The Chakra System

(VIDEO) Kim Marie, Director for EAN, shares an overview of the chakra system from the Evolutionary Astrology perspective. This video was recorded at the United Astrology Conference in Denver, Colorado in May 2008. The hour long lecture contains important health correlations of the chakra system from both eastern and western perspectives. Excellent primer for those interested in the recently produced Health & Wellness Segment 3 of the MultiMedia Course.

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Parent-Child Dynamics – A Personal Approach

(VIDEO) Our first relationship from the womb that lasts forever (or at least through puberty) may well define our relating patterns as we become adults. Kim Marie, Managing Director of EAN worldwide, assists in this understanding at the recent Evolutionary Astrology Conference in Portland. This is an intensely personal case study for Kim Marie. You will learn astrology and get more astrology lessons about relationships and family astrology. This video reveals 9 factors in the chart relating to familial relationship dynamics. Running time 1 hour 17 minutes.

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Definitions for Evolutionary Astrology

(VIDEO) Key EA concepts and definitions are covered in this workshop created for beginning astrologers. Kim Marie takes the newer student through the basics in this streaming video that you can  pause, stop and move through as you wish for one month. A indispensable resource to enhance your studies. 1 hour 47 minutes of educational astrology definitions.

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