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Measuring the Growth of a Soul from Life to Life

That is what Evolutionary Astrology is all about. Whether you are new to astrology, or currently practicing another form of astrology, or a veteran of EA, the material on this website is designed to meet you on your current path and take you deeper into EA.

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What is Evolutionary Astrology?

The language of astrology is as vast and multi-faceted as human consciousness itself. Evolutionary Astrology provides a map for understanding the Soul and its potential for evolution. Evolutionary Astrology is a term most popularized by the writings of Jeffrey Wolf Green. It is a philosophical outlook based in natural law and the expansion of human consciousness.

EA embraces a paradigm, or body of knowledge, that can be understood through observation and correlation, which measures the growth or evolution of a Soul from life to life. The principle of reincarnation underlies Evolutionary Astrology.

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Who is Evolutionary Astrology Network?

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Evolutionary Astrology Network (EAN) is the creation of Kim Marie and LeRoy Weimer. We intend to share and network the teachings of EA with humanity to honor the sacredness of all life and the evolution of all consciousness. Kim Marie, aka StarLady, and LeRoy, aka MediaMonk, offer a free weekly astrology podcast that explores current planetary energies to assist and guide you through life’s chaos.

EAN wishes to develop a community for extending EA through all the various mediums and formats of learning in today’s world.

Kim Marie, Managing Director

Kim Marie oversees EAN’s MultiMedia Course worldwide, teaches live schools and produces EA conferences and workshops across North America. She has studied and practiced Evolutionary Astrology since 1985 and counsels an international clientele. Kim Marie ran the Jeffrey Wolf Green School of EA in the United States from 2002-2008. She also is a Deep Memory Process practitioner – a past life, soul retrieval method for deep Soul healing, as developed by Roger Woolger. Kim Marie is an independent Facilitator for the Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness, LLC (EMC²) – a leading edge computerized spiritual technology for 24/7/365 self-healing. Her background includes experience in alternative healing and environmental politics. Kim Marie is available for consultations in all phases of EA including the natal chart reading, forecasting, synastry and composite relationship consultations, as well as health and wellness astrology.

LeRoy Weimer, General Manager

LeRoy Weimer is a college graduate and former All-America baseball player, attending school at the University of New Orleans. LeRoy has experienced diverse careers in professional sports, sports management, oilfield and financial services, spending the decade of the 1990s as an investment broker for two Wall Street firms. He discovered Evolutionary Astrology through Kim Marie and sharing Sun, Venus and Jupiter in late Virgo in the sixth house of their composite chart, he considers his efforts managing EAN as sacred work and as a pinnacle of spiritual attunement this lifetime. LeRoy also works as an independent Facilitator for the Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness, LLC (EMC²) – a leading edge computerized spiritual technology for 24/7/365 self-healing. He is very proud of his sons Russell and Forrest. LeRoy is available for consultations, primarily working with the natal chart and forecasting.

What People Are Saying About EAN

Kim & LeRoy,

Thank you for such a wonderful 2015 Forecast Webinar.  I love everything that you do.  I just recently have started studying the Segment 1 Evolutionary Astrology.  I have been studying Astrology for several years; but have never found any classes on astrology like yours. My plan is to study all three segments and become certified.


Hi MediaMonk,

Just to say that i liked the new webinar format. The audio was nice and clear, better at my end than the first webinar and much better than the phone classes too so a good upgrade i am sure you are pleased with. KM seems better than ever – the whole thing felt comfortable, informative, rich and elegant.


Dear Kim and LeRoy,

Mercury retrograde through Pisces-Aquarius is information that is so valuable to know. Information that guides us through these times is very much appreciated and useful. Through presentations like this one it is obvious how much care and attention you both put into the sharing of this knowledge with others and that you truly live it. It’s good work in the world.

With gratitude, Karen

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Soul Signs: What’s Yours?

So you know your Sun sign but what about your Soul sign? Evolutionary Astrology is based upon the archetype of Pluto as representative of your Soul. Have you read the popular Sun signs or horoscope and been left wondering if that is all there is to astrology? If so, understanding the following Soul generations could mark the beginning of a new and deeper look into yourself and the study of Evolutionary Astrology.

Find Your Soul Sign Here

The Astro Library

“Our intention is to educate, support and inspire those attracted to
Evolutionary Astrology and to evolving the Soul.”
Kim Marie, EAN Managing Director

EAN’s multimedia astro library includes both online streaming material as well as offline material such as course binders, DVDs and printable PDF files. The library includes both EAN’s certification course work as well as archives of live events featuring more than a dozen EA teachers, including workshops, conferences and webinars. This comprehensive collection is one of the largest astrological libraries available on spiritual and psychological astrology anywhere in the world.

EAN’s Original Signature MultiMedia Courses

Whether your desire is to become a certified Evolutionary Astrologer, or you wish to pursue deep Soul growth, these courses allow you to take a journey to the core of your Soul. EAN invites you to join our community.

Segment I – Philosophy, Archetypes & the Individual

Segment II – Relationships, Sexuality, Synastry & Composite

Segment III – Health & Wellness

Full Details

Astro Library Collections

Section 1 – Planets, Houses and Signs – The Archetypes
(over 200 hours)

Section 2 – Understanding the EA Method
(67 hours audio and 49 hours video)

Section 3 – Relationships, Health, Locational and Forecasting
(78 audio hours and 86 video hours)

The Premium Subscription
(includes all 3 Sections – over 500 hours of material)

More Info

Astrology Webinars – Live and Archived

Forecasting Webinars
Educational Webinars

Personal Astrology Consultations

Evolutionary Astrology consultations are scheduled in advance and take place over the phone or Skype. They are recorded on our end and an MP3 download link is provided , unless a CD is requested.

Kim Marie reads primarily on Tuesdays through Fridays although other times are usually available. Most sessions take one hour unless multiple charts are utilized.

Details & Reservations

What’s New

Sections 2 and 3 of the Astro Library Collection now includes new material by Jeffrey Green. All segments of the collection are a great way to explore the depth of Evolutionary Astrology and enjoy the vast diversity of EA teachers across the world. The content is a great prep for the EAN Signature MultiMedia Course. The […]

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A complete and comprehensive look at this powerful shift in consciousness that will affect us all personally and collectively for the next three years. Included in this 6-part series: Saturn in Sag – Archetypes, Saturn in Sag – Cycles and Transits, Saturn in Sag Through the Houses (all), Saturn Rx in Sag/Scorpio. Get all six PDFs with the slides, […]

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The essence and practice of chart interpretation is challenging and exciting but can also be overwhelming for astrologers. Kim Marie, the Managing Director for the Evolutionary Astrology Network, takes you on the journey of mastering the skill of chart interpretation utilizing Pluto and the Moon’s nodal axis for understanding the soul and its ego. Get […]

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Evolutionary Astrology Learning Paths

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